Handmade Everyday Earrings

Let’s hear it for gorgeous, handmade earrings! Luca + Danni gold plated earrings and silver plated earrings are made in the USA and a statement piece for every season. If you’re looking for the perfect women’s earrings with just the right amount of sparkle, go for our simple stud earrings in a great variety of colors. Or shop unique charm earrings with symbolic designs, like our cardinal earrings, flower earrings, evil eye and compass earrings, to name a few. We all need a collection of basic everyday earrings. How do earrings under $50 sound? Fabulous. How about earrings under $30? Our handcrafted jewelry means timeless style can be seriously affordable, too – no matter your fashion aspirations. And if you’re looking for the perfect jewelry gifts for her, our gold earrings and silver earrings have you covered. Shop earrings for mom, daughter, sister, girlfriend or BFF. Whatever her style, she’ll love opening a gift from one of the most popular jewelry brands today. (We can hear the ooohs and ahhhs already…)